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Arranging a 5-year Survey

If you wish to arrange a new, renewal or transfer in 5-year survey, please follow the instructions below.  

Please note that applications to survey and certificate any vessels over 50 years old are treated on a case by case basis, and may be refused by the Society based on a risk profile assessment.  
  1. Complete an SCV1 (commercial vessel) or SWB1 (workboat) application form (select above) and submit this together with the certification fee, (amounts detailed on our Make a Payment page). The form(s) provide the SCMS administrators with contact  and vessel details to initiate the process of providing your vessel with an SCMS record and Unique Reference Number (URN). This information is then added to our in-house database. 
  2. Once the SCV1/SWB1 has been submitted to us you are free to instruct an Examiner to survey your vessel.  You may choose an Examiner from the details provided here on our website or call us for advise on a local Examiner who will be able to deal with your vessel (tel: + 44 (0) 23 8001 6494)
  3. The Examiner will liaise with you to make arrangements to carry out the survey/s and advise you of the fee for their services.  This fee is separate from the fee charged by the SCMS for administration of documentation.
  4. At the end of the survey the Examiner will discuss their findings with you and will sign and date their official report. 
  5. Any survey defects that require to be corrected are listed and handed to you.  This details the defects found and provides information on the priority and time limits for each item.  The defects are required to be corrected and then verified usually before a certificate is issued (dependent on the severity of the defects noted).  Verification can include a further survey or written or photographic proof of the resolution of the defect(s).
  6. On completion of the survey the Examiner sends the signed report (Document of Compliance SCV2/SWB2) and any survey defects that are required to the SCMS headquarters. 
  7. When the DOC is received in the office a Scrutineer is assigned to check through the details noted by the Examiner and other background information i.e. the vessel has correct stability and construction documentation.
  8. If the Scrutineer is satisfied with the documentation provided and all required action on defects have been completed, the Scrutineer stamps, signs and dates the documentation and returns them to the office.
  9. The office staff then process the documentation and issue the appropriate certificate and annual disc (for display on the vessel).  The certificate and disc are sent out by post whilst an electronic copy of the certificate is provided by email to the owner/managing agent on the day of issue (where a email address has been provided).  An invoice for the SCMS administration costs will have been raised on receipt of the SCV1/SWB1 and the office staff will now check that payment has been made. Payments can be made on-line via our Make a Payment page.