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In late 1919 a number of distinguished Marine Consultants in the UK considered that their profession would benefit from the creation of an appropriate professional Society to set standards and represent the active practitioners in the field. In March 1920 the Society was legally established as a professional body after the agreement of a Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The founders intended that it should be an association of experienced and established professionals who would be committed to the pursuit of excellence in the execution of their professional expertise. The Society represents an identifiable source of expertise and experience in maritime affairs through the high quality of its membership.


The professional work of the Society's members covers the full scope of Marine Consultancy, including:

  • Hull, machinery and commodity surveys
  • Stowage and securing of cargoes
  • Condition and On-hire/Off-hire surveys
  • Marine safety and operational reviews
  • New building plan approval
  • New construction supervision
  • Stability approvals
  • Tonnage measurements
  • Instructions from P&I clubs
  • Technical advice to clients
  • Expert witness services to the legal profession
  • Service to average adjusters and underwriters for hull, machinery and cargo
  • Examiners for Certifying Authorities of the MCA (Small Vessel Codes)

AIMS and Objectives

The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers & Ship Surveyors was founded to provide a central organisation for Consulting Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and Ship Surveyors. The aims and objectives of the Society include:

  • The provision of a central organisation for those engaged in technical maritime affairs.
  • The supervision, promotion and protection of the mutual interests of the Society's members.
  • To encourage improved methods of surveying and drawing up of reports in line with developments and technology.
  • To improve and foster in commercial circles a higher sense of importance of ship and engine surveys and to encourage a greater degree of efficiency in those engaged in the same.
  • To provide opportunities for discussion amongst members and to give facilities for the reading of papers, the delivery of lectures and for the acquisition and dissemination, by other means, of useful information connected with the profession.

One of the principal objectives of the Society has been to ensure that its members have both the academic qualifications and the practical experience necessary for the proper execution of the professional services they offer.  This objective is secured by requiring applicants for membership to submit a detailed CV and application form.  The application is required to be supported and sponsored by two Members or Fellows of the Society having personal knowledge of the applicant.  All applicants are approved by the Society's Council which is the final arbiter in the process.


CERTIFYING Authority Activities

The Society is an appointed UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Certifying Authority for commercial vessels under 24 metres length.  These are vessels that are required to comply with the Small Vessel Codes.  The Society also actively participates in the various MCA working parties in their policy of delegation of statutory surveys and certification.

The Society has surveyors in many different countries worldwide who are available to carry out Small Vessel Code surveys and advise owners on how to meet any relevant Code requirements. Members who have the appropriate qualifications, expertise and experience can apply to become an Examiner of Code vessels via the SCMS.