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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if my vessel has been involved in an accident/incident?
    Please contact us in the SCMS office  as soon as possible to give us a brief summary of what has happened: Tel: 023 8001 6494.   This is a required action under the Part 4 of SCV2/SWB2 documents and also by MGN 458.  
  • How do I transfer my vessel to the SCMS from another Certifying Authority?
    Please contact one of our examiners/surveyors in the first instance. You will need to complete an SCMS SWB1/SCV1 form to be returned to us in the Southampton office (Forms provided here).  You should then contact your current Certifying Authority and request them to transfer your vessel file to the SCMS.  Once we receive your file and the correct documentation we can then issue a new SCMS Certificate and annual disc with the same dates as your previous certificate.

  • I haven't received my vessel's certificate and the survey was done a couple of weeks ago. What do I need to do?
    Please contact us at the Southampton office (+44 (0) 23 8001 6494) and we can then contact your examiner/surveyor or relevant scrutineer and update you on the progress.  Please note some certificates will take longer to issue than others due to the type and design of your vessel and depending on the schedule of your examiner/surveyor.

  • I am selling my vessel. Do I need to notify you?
    Yes, once a vessel is sold the certificate is then cancelled and the MCA notified that this has  been done.  This is because the certificate will be in your name and not the new owner's.  The new owner will then need to arrange a further survey to be undertaken by an approved Certifying Authority examiner to check nothing has changed on the vessel, that all safety items are in place and that it is fit to undertake the work proposed by the new owner.

  • I have had a survey and been given a 'defects list'.  What do I need to do?
    The Examiner will have discussed the priorities and requirements of the defects listed with you.  You will therefore need to arrange for all of the defects to be corrected within the relevant deadlines and then notify the Examiner and us in the office that these have been completed.  Where required,  you will need to send verification/proof of the close-out of the defects e.g. photos, signed declaration etc.

  • I am not going to use my vessel for some time.  What options do I have with regards to the vessel's certification?
    Generally , you will need to continue to have your vessel surveyed and certificated.  If the certificate lapses you would need to restart the process of 5 year certification from scratch to use the vessel again.  This would of course incur all the standard checks for stability, construction etc as well as the certification survey and therefore all associated costs. 

  • How do I transfer my vessel from the SCMS to another Certifying Authority (CA)?
    Please e-mail, or write a letter to us at the SCMS office with the name of your vessel and the Certifying Authority that you wish your vessel to be transferred to.  When we receive your instruction we will begin the process of transferring your vessel file to the new CA as instructed.