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The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors has been appointed as an Authorised Certifying Authority by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for statutory surveys of small commercial vessels, police vessels, pilot boats and small workboats.  The Society actively participates in the various MCA working parties relating to their policy of delegation of statutory surveys and certification.

The SCMS is an MCA Certifying Authority for the following codes of practice:

The Society is also actively involved in the project to harmonise the various MCA Small Vessel Codes.  

The Society's Examiners also survey and provide advice for vessels that operate under the Fitness for Purpose Scheme (FFP).  The FFP scheme is not enforced by statutory regulation but is the adopted standard of various UK Inland Navigation Authorities.  FFP vessels are non-passenger carrying workboats and freight vessels operating in categorised waters considered to be 'inland' including harbours up to the boundary of 'the sea.'

Examiners can also assist with documentation/certification for tonnage measurements, Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and stability calculations/approvals. Further links to relevant information is provided below:

Tonnage & Measurement

The SCMS has been approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and other authorities to provide surveys for tonnage and measurement for the purposes of registering a vessel in Part 1 of the UK Ship Register.

Small ships, i.e. those under 24 m load line length may opt to be registered under Part III or the Small Ships Register (SSR). For vessels sailing short sea routes to the near continent SSR is sufficient but for deep sea international voyages, Part I registration is essential. Part 1 Registration requires re-registration every 5 years but does not require a further survey for tonnage and measurement. This is dealt with directly between the Owner and the Registry. However if at any time there are significant changes to the registered vessel (for example, the change of engines), a new Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement will be required.

To see more about Part 1 Registration and how to start an application with the UK Ship Register, see the government website.

Maritime Labour Convention

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) came into force for the UK on 7 August 2014. It sets out the minimum working and living rights for seafarers.


The MLC doesn’t fully cover seafarers serving on the following boats:

  • ships navigating inland or sheltered waters subject to port regulations

  • fishing vessels

  • warships and naval auxiliaries

  • traditional ships, such as dhows

Even is not strictly required to do so Owners may choose to demonstrate compliance with this convention to ease operating problems when operating abroad, or to prove best practice.


Pay your vessel's FEES

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