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Training Courses

We have recently teamed up with Lloyd's Maritime Academy who offer a wide range of courses which help to enable continued training and professional development.  

In order to reward attendance we offer a discount on our membership of 50% of the first years fees for new members.  For anyone who is currently a member we offer a 20% reduction for the following annual membership fees for attendance of one of the courses

The following courses are available:


Diploma in Small Craft Surveying

26th February 2018

"This small craft specific diploma has enabled over 3,000+ participants to specialise in small craft surveying and focuses on vessels up to 24 metres in registered length. The detailed syllabus provides marine surveyors, potential marine surveyors and associated maritime professionals with a qualification that gives them the knowledge to assist personal and professional development."

Certificate in Marine Warranty Surveying

25th October 2017 & 15th May 2018

"This popular tutored distance learning course addresses the core competencies of warranty surveying, presenting the knowledge and practical techniques employed in this specialised field."


Certificate in Ship Technology

21st May 2018

"The global shipping industry never stands still, and this is also true for technology. This course develops a detailed  understanding of ship technology and the role it plays in shipping."


Certificate in Cargo Surveying

4th June 2018

"This certificate will benefit any professional involved in the carriage of goods by sea because it not only defines and explains the role of the cargo surveyor, but it provides the essential knowledge of cargo characteristics, stowage and securing techniques and marine insurance which are so central to shipping."


Diploma in Ship Superintendancy

11th October 2017 & 10th April 2018

"This Diploma in Ship Superintendency has been designed to provide the required knowledge for both marine and technical superintendents in a format easily accessible and applicable as you continue to work."


Certificate in Naval Architecture

12th October 2017 & 12th March 2018

"This 14 week tutored professional development programme teaches the essential characteristics of a ship’s design - and how they affect its behaviour in the marine environment.
With its significance developing to encompass an increasingly complex remit, the premise of the naval architect’s role has evolved over the centuries from traditional artist and designer to highly skilled engineer."


Diploma in Marine Surveying

23rd November 2017 & 16th April 2018

"Whilst this Diploma in Marine Surveying course primarily supports existing marine surveyors around the world, it also aims to educate future surveyors, (including non-seafarers) who have the interest and academic ability to learn about marine surveying, marine engineering and naval architecture."



4th December 2017

"This certificate will benefit any professional involved in the marine surveying sector, as it but provides an overview of the exciting new ways of surveying ships and offshore structures using UAVs, drones and other innovative technologies."


Certificate in classification and statutory surveys

23rd February 2018

"Ideal for: Marine surveyors, personnel engaged within classification societies and statutory bodies, insurers, lawyers and policy makers."


certificate in essentials of marine surveying

28th March 2018


Diploma in marine engineering

19th March 2018

"Together with the necessary technical knowledge, an understanding of the relevant industrial legislation and safe operating practices is essential for any marine engineer. This diploma in marine engineering will equip you with a firm understanding of the principles associated with marine engineering and engineering management practices."