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Using your Member Account

How to use this page

Use the screenshot below to identify areas of your member account page and check the relevant information listed beside the screenshot for each orange number . If you are still unsure of something, please utilise the Member's Forum for assistance and discussion.

1. Whilst logged in as a member, you will have access to a list of members-only pages. If you are an Examiner or Councillor, you will also have additional pages. This log in system replaces the old password system and will grant you access based on your login details.

 2. When you have clicked the Edit button on your page (bottom right of screen), many of the areas will be presented within a dotted blue outline as on this screenshot.  You are now able to type in these sections and update your own details within these blue bordered sections.

3. During edit mode, you will also see many blue button sliders. Using these enables you to switch the information displayed to be visible or not on the public pages.

If the slider is to the left (greyed out) then the information is not visible on the SCMS website.

4. When viewing your personal page, your home details are listed. These details are only visible to you and the administrators of SCMS and will not be visible to anybody else. There are therefore no sliders here.

5. During edit mode, two fields display above the map section. These fields require your Business Address Co-ordinates so that a pin is placed on the map for your address. You can find out how to get these co-ordinates here.

6. Information under the 'Member Account Info' subheading is only visible to you and the administrators of SCMS.  This is for your reference. You will not be able to edit this information apart from you date of birth.  If you require more information about these details or want to update your payment status, contact

7. You are able to "Save changes" made via the toolbar which is on the bottom of your page when you are signed in. Updates are not saved automatically so this step is important.

To check if you are logged in or not, look for a welcome message in the top left corner of the page. Otherwise, you can log in here.

Further questions? Check the Member's Forum for answers to queries - or you can submit your own question.