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  Mr Mark Lockie - FCMS

Mr Mark Lockie - FCMS

  Mr Nick Gladwell - FCMS

Mr Nick Gladwell - FCMS

  Mr Allan Larsen - FCMS

Mr Allan Larsen - FCMS

  Mr Paul C Johnson - BSc, IEng, FCMS, AMIMarEST

Mr Paul C Johnson - BSc, IEng, FCMS, AMIMarEST

Current President - Mr Mark Lockie

Mark was appointed as a member of the SCMS back in November 1999 and has many years experience in small vessel surveys as well  time served as a classification surveyor with the American Bureau of Shipping. He has also been involved in the steering committees and working group for the Safety of Small Commercial Motor and Sailing Vessels Codes of Practice for several years.

Vice President - Mr Nick Gladwell

Nick has many years experience within the marine industry including being Chief  Surveyor of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry. His seagoing career began with Mobil oil and after several years superintending he joined  and worked for the Martitime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) as a Principal Marine Surveyor.  He spent some years attending the International Maritime Organisation and advising on the carriage of dangerous goods.  He now provides part-time consultancy for the SCMS as a Technical Advisor and Auditor.

Vice President - Mr Allan Larsen

Allan was appointed as Vice President of the Society in 2017.  He started his career as a Marine Engineering Cadet and after time served with NOMIS Shipping in the North Sea came ashore.  Allan  has had wide experience within the marine industry including many years as a Bureau Veritas surveyor and auditor.  He now runs his own company Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants that offers many services and has a particular interest in training and ongoing CPD.

Certifying Authority Committee Chairman - Mr Paul Johnson

Paul has been a member of the Society's Council since his election as approved inJune 2008 and a member of the Society since April 1995. He is a graduate of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and studied Ship Science and Naval Architecture at Southampton University.  Paul has many years experience in the marine industry and liaises closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) in his role as the Certifying Authority Committee Chairman  of the SCMS. 


Other members of the Council Include:

Chief Executive Officer - Mr Stuart G Gladwell

Past President - Mr Mike Eckles

Past President - Mr Robert H Barnes

Past President - Mr Norman Finlay

Past President - Mr Ross Hunter

Past President - Mr Maurice D B Perrin

Past President - Mr David Walker

Technical Advisor - Mr Nick Gladwell

Mr Graham Slack (co-optd)

Mr Marcus Lankford (co-optd)

Mr Simon Oakes (co-optd)