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Benevolent Fund

Under the Society’s Articles and Bye-laws section 4.5. the Society was also established:

“ to assist necessitous members, and the widows and children or any other dependent kindred of deceased members, to act as treasurer and distributor of any benevolent fund or funds which may be contributed by members or others for these purposes, or any of them and to make any contributions out of the surplus assets or income of the Society from time to time to any such benevolent fund or funds;”

How can I pay into the Society’s Benevolent Fund?

Anyone can contribute to the Benevolent Fund at any time by contacting Head office using the email address opposite. Members can make an overpayment to their invoice when renewing their annual membership subscription, and the overpayment will be transferred into the fund. An acknowledgement of any donation will be made.

How can I make an application for assistance from the fund?

If you would like to apply for funding, or wish nominate someone else to be considered from within the SCMS family, please complete the details below for submission to the Society’s Council for consideration. The form details will be sent directly to the CEO and treated in a confidential manner. You will be contacted by a member of the Head Office team to discuss the timeline for the request. Please contact us using the office details where the application is urgent.

Each case will be examined according to the Articles and Byelaws. Funding will be awarded dependent on each individual circumstance.

Further information regarding the Benevolent Fund can be accessed through the Articles and Bye-laws or via contact with a member of the Society’s Council.

For more information about Membership and Subscriptions, please click here.

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