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Membership Application Form

Part 1 - Personal
I hereby apply for admission to the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors.
* Please note that these items are mandatory to commence an application.
Membership type *
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Name *
Please state your nationality:
Address *
Part 2 - Sponsorship
Applications for:
    • Membership and Associate Membership must be supported by a recommendation from two
      Fellows or Members.
    • Affiliate and Student Membership must be supported by a recommendation from one Fellow
      or Member.

Fellows and Members must have personal knowledge of the applicant and be in a position to confirm his/her statements.
Referee name 1 *
Referee name 1
Referee name 2
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Part 3 - Accompanying items (Items for this section may be sent via post to our Southampton Office if preferred)
To support your application please provide a comprehensive summary of the following items with the details indicated.
Give start and finish dates. For alternate training, such as study/practical work, sandwich courses (or similar), give dates and details of practical work. Attach photocopies of apprenticeship indentures, references, “lines” and training school/college practical/craft certificates etc, as verification.
List Universities, Colleges (or equivalent) attended, together with duration, dates and details of courses followed and subjects studied. Attach photocopies of degrees, diplomas, certificates and/or other qualification documents as verification.
State clearly and concisely, with dates and the nature of the professional duties you have performed throughout your career to date, (supporting documents should be submitted). Ensure that each sheet carries your name. Sea service should list vessels:
   • name
   • size
   • hp
   • service rank
   • duration dates of appointment
State whether you are a member of any professional institutes.
Overseas Applicants
The Society may consider applicants from overseas, where it may not be possible to obtain the sponsorship of Fellows or Members, provided such applications are accompanied by letters of recommendation from at least three responsible and professional:
    • Marine Engineers
    • Naval Architects (e.g. Classification Societies or Salvage Associations’ exclusive Senior Superintendent Engineers, Senior Technical Managers or Directors of Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering or Ship and/or Engine repair companies). Persons recommending applicants must have personal knowledge of the applicant and be in a position to confirm his/her statements.
Submitting your Application
Once completed, please click on the 'Submit' button below and your application will be acknowledged shortly. Alternatively you can download a form and send it together with your supporting information to the address provided at the top of the application form.
Note: The relevant fees are not due until the Council have accepted the application. These can be paid via the subscriptions page

For specific membership enquiries, email or telephone +44 23 8001 6494